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Yes! We are living a drama here. My daughter is sad because she is (if we listen to her :)) whinging). Every bedtime story ends with: I got this! I got this one! I haven’t got this one! I need this one! I haven’t got this one. And we are talking books not toys.

Last page of most Julia Donaldson books contains a list with all her collection and my daughter noticed. Every night she reminds what books she is missing. The library trick doesn’t work here because she needs them so badly it makes her sad.

On that note, we have TODDLER ALERT! BOOKS MISSING! – lucky my Waterstones Plus account is adding some stamps there so soon I can treat myself with some mummy reads as well. Our last two purchases were STICK MAN and THE SMARTEST GIANT IN TOWN, last one being such a wonderful story about friendship and kindness.



MONKEY PUZZLE – a little monkey is looking for his mummy, but luckily butterfly is ready to help in this rhyming jungle tale. However, Butterfly cannot seem to understand that Monkey and his mum look alike, so attempts to reunite Monkey with an elephant, a parrot and even a bat!

A SQUASH AND A SQUEEZE – A little old lady thinks her house is a squash and a squeeze but, with the advice of a wise old man and the help of a few farmyard animals, she soon discovers that it’s not as small as she thought. This is the very first book written and illustrated by the wonderful team that is Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler

THE HIGHWAY RAT – we are familiar with the story as it was borrowed from our local library and Amazon has the little film on prime but my little book nerd says she needs it for her book collection as she wants to learn all of them. Beware of the Highway Rat. He’ll steal your food…and your heart! The Highway Rat rides along the highway stealing all the travelers’ food. But a crafty duck and her mysterious sister soon put an end to his crooked ways.

THE SCARECROWS’ WEDDING –  A fabulous love story, full of drama, humor and originality; it tells the story of two scarecrows as they plan “… the best wedding ever, the best wedding yet / The wedding that no one will ever forget”. Betty O’Barley and Harry O’Hay know just what they need for the perfect wedding day: a goose-feather dress; two wedding rings and lots of pink flowers! But as they search the farm to find everything on their list, things don’t quite go to plan and the scarecrows’ special day is almost ruined by wicked scarecrow, Reginald Rake.

CHARLIE COOK’S FAVORITE BOOK – Charlie Cook is reading a book about a pirate captain, who is reading a book about Goldilocks, who is reading about a knight, who is reading about a frog . . . From kings and queens to aliens and ghosts, there’s something for everyone in Charlie’s amazing book of adventure! I think this will be one hit in our house. Sounds like a book she will enjoy so much.

For this post I am linking up with the lovely Laura Summers for the Kids love to read campaign tat reached number #50 already. Head on the links below and check out all the other amazing posts. Also, huge thank you again to my friend Book Bairn for voting my previous #kltr post 2020 GEMS FOR CHILDREN as her favourite


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  1. The Julia Donaldson books are a wonderful collection to have – good luck completing yours!! I think of the ones you don’t have yet, Charlie Cook would be next on my list – it’s underrated!

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      1. They’re all good, you can’t go wrong really! If she likes Monkey Puzzle, try A Bit Lost by Chris Haughton if you don’t know it already – same idea but, dare I say it *whispers*even better!

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  2. My little one does this too! They both like to look at the other books in the series! Hopefully you can hit your library soon so you can borrow them all and enjoy the stories and save those Waterstones points for yourself. Thanks for linking up with #KLTR


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