THE JOLLY POSTMAN by Janet & Allan Ahlberg

“Once upon a bicycle, there was a crazy mummy who dragged her daughter in a deserted area in the woods so she can take pictures of a book she wants to review. AND THAT CRAZY MUMMY was me :))”

We needed some fresh air in this lovely UK weather and decided to go out a bit, respecting the social distancing rules. We have been actually hurried by a police officer while we were having our little photo shoot. Normally I would be a bit upset but this time it made me feel better. It was for our own safety.

We live strange times and keeping a four year old away from her friends, school, play areas and any outdoor activities is proving to be quite a challenge. Luckily, she is a proper book nerd so a good part of our day is filled with reading time. And because we still haven’t completed our Julia Donaldson collection, we have to make due with all we got. She has lots of books and some she didn’t even bother with before whereas now she can’t put them down. One of them is THE JOLLY POSTMAN by Janet and Allan Ahlberg

a wonderful book for all children

Ruby got this book as a present for Christmas and we read it two times at the time. She pushed it aside, always choosing The Gruffalo or We’re going on a Bear Hunt. As we tidied up, she realised that there are other books in her bedroom and she asked me to read The Jolly Postman so she can remember it. This happened over a week ago and ever since, it became the go to bedtime story.

It’s so entertaining and because we love our local postman we always have a bit of a laugh imagining how he will deliver letters to the Wicked Witch or the Big Bad Wolf and to mister Very Big Giant

The Jolly Postman

I read the Postman’s journey and Ruby reads all letters, lovely stacked by every page. She is fond of Cinderella’s letter and little book and gets very excited about how jealous the bad sisters were and the Fairy Godmother turned them into a Pumpkin and Cinderella lost her shoe. But she went to the party and the Prince danced with her and the shoe fit and they lived happily ever after (at least this is her version of it).

And who doesn’t like a Birthday party and a card with a pound note inside? Being a fan of Goldilocks, we enjoy reading it together and hugging and playing postman knock

The Jolly Postman

And if this book is missing from your shelves, I will recommend you to look for it. It’s so lovely and makes reference to lots of classic stories introducing little ones to lots of fairy tales.

For this post I linked up with the wonderful Laura Summers for the KIDS LOVE TO READ #KLTR campaign. You can always check the other amazing posts following the link #KLTR52

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  1. Ahh we have this book but my 4 year old isn’t fussed about it at the moment, possibly because he doesn’t really know the fairy tales it refers to! We have du many modern picture books I’ve been a bit rubbish at introducing him to older stories. Maybe when he’s at school we’ll be able to revisit this book. #kltr

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  2. I think my little one loves this one because she is happy every time she sees our local postman and he told her one day about the way he delivers letters to everyone. She find sit fascinating now :))


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