ONE TO WATCH by Kate Stayman-London

OMG – get ready for real love – as seen on TV

Meet the stylish, plus-size fashion blogger Bea Schumacher. Full of life, with incredible friends, a wonderful family, Insta famous and … single and broken-hearted.

She loves watching America’s most watched TV show, Main Squeeze where perfectly sized women and men participate in the hope of finding true love and spending that happily ever after with prince-charming/ size zero dream girl (is it all for real or is it all a constant battle for TV ratings and relationships created on set are just fake?). Our Bea is sick of media induced perfection and lack of body diversity so she sets off drunk tweeting about it. Her tweet gets shared and becomes viral overnight, bringing her an offer she never expected: Main Squeeze wants her to be its next star, surrounded by men fighting for her undying love and affection.

Bea agrees but promises herself and everyone in the crew that under no circumstance she will actually fall in love, her participation at the show being purely a business plan to spike up her career and also to inspire all plus size and not perfectly shaped women to believe in themselves and love themselves for who and what they are.

When cameras roll and production yells: ACTION, it’s all about to change and Bea realizes that life is more complicated than she thought. She is surrounded by amazing and attractive men, some absolute jerks and some with a heart of gold. But who will she believe? Who is who? And also, is Bea ready to receive real love and stop self sabotaging? Can she forget Ryan,the man who she loved since forever and hurt her more than anyone else?

Don’t you want to find out? I did! It was an emotional roller coaster and I couldn’t put down this absolutely funny and real and feel good novel. It is outrageously stylish, it is inspiring, sexy, tender but also so damn vibrant. It is exuberant and smells of flower, romance and Paris and all things that cross your mind and body when you think of love.

I am so grateful I got the chance to read it before pub day on July 7th. Now I can shout out and rave about it on all my social media and to all my friends.

ONE TO WATCH by Kate Stayman-London is the perfect lockdown, summer, all seasons read that you won’t want to miss.

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