No drama (well, just a tiny bit), no fuss. Just a slow burn love story that will make you sigh and crave all bakery chocolaty goods in the world.

THE FORGET-ME-NOT BAKERY is one feel good read about two mature people who gave up on love and got sucked in their daily life only to find each other and realize that all you need is your other half and a small town to make you feel like you belong.

Page Henley always dreamed of owning a bakery but she went to New York, climbed on the hamster wheel and started working and working and working some more. So, when she’s given the chance to move to Port Landon to set up her own bakery, she’s ready to take a leap of faith and make her dreams a reality.

In the small town where everyone knows everyone, we got the single dad and local veterinarian who happens to be also very attractive. Meet Cohen Becket who, ever since his wife’s tragic accident, built up walls around his heart and concentrated only on raising his son and working.

When the two meet, the connection is undeniable and Page’s baking talent and her kindness win over the town’s heart. But will it win Cohen’s as well? Will the two let go of fears and surrender to love?

I am telling you now that they do. But they meet few obstacles on the way and the story is all worth the sigh and the oohhhh and aaahhhh and the sparkles and the fireworks.

If there is one thing I learned from this book is that it’s never to late for love or for following your dreams. We all have the right to happiness no matter what.

Caroline Flynn’s THE FORGET-ME-NOT BAKERY is out July 15th and is announced as ‘A sweet, heartwarming love story with a beautiful happily-ever-after!… 

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