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Living with a tiny book nerd is no easy job. She needs to be entertained at all times and a bed time story turns almost always into two, three, four or ten stories. Library is our favourite place and she can't choose just one book because she is three years old so therefore she needs… Continue reading 2020 GEMS FOR CHILDREN

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Most people who know me ask how many books have I read; when do I have time to read and also: IS THERE A MOVIE TO THE BOOK YOU READING? Well, I discovered the wonderful Universe of books such a long time ago. I was in primary school and my dad started recommending me different… Continue reading WHY DO I READ EVERY DAY

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ONCE UPON A WISH-MAS by Laura Barnard – book review

When I heard Laura Barnard is coming with another book I immediately felt giddy. I read quite few of her stories and was sure I will not be disappointed by her newest one. Got it on my Kindle and when I took a look at the cover I felt the smell of hot chocolate, I heard carols singing in the background and a crazy need to take out my knitted blanket and make myself comfortable and get in the Christmas mood