THE FOCUS PROGRAM by K.T. Dady – book review

When was the last time you went out of your comfort zone and read something you wouldn’t normally pick up? If your answer is “I don’t remember” – you should try and do it. You might be extremely surprised.

I am a thriller/mystery fan but I never say no to a cute romance from time to time. However, this summer I found myself picking up THE FOCUS PROGRAM by K.T. Dady

It is a bit out of my comfort zone but I got hooked from the beginning and it kept me going all the way to the last page. At the end of each chapter I wanted to find more. I wanted to knoe if the main characters will succeed or fail and how.

Mark Clements suffers with anxiety and depression and he decided to end his life, not having the strength to live with this monster in his head anymore. He jumps off Tower Bridge. Little does he know he will end up in The Focus Program and he will be able to save the world and cure everyone who suffers from a mental illness.

The book is a thought provoking thriller about mental illness and throughout you can read passages about what this aspect can do to a person. If you suffer with any mental health issues, you will definitely find yourself somewhere in this story. I did and it felt so good to realize I am not the only one overthinking and experiencing crazy thoughts and feeling the way I sometimes do.

Darkness surrounds the tortured souls of the mentally ill. Rarely is it a shared condition filled with support and care. Loneliness brings about a strength that needs no other. It is not lack of trust that keeps away the masses, it is the familiarity of feeling alone for so long.

I read the book and cheered for Mark Clements, Poppy and Soul, I went through all their challenges and thought what would I do if I was there. Would I react differently? Would I just choose to be afraid of change and run away?

Anxiety has so many aspects and stages and it takes a long long time to finally admit you need help. The need to control every little detail in your life will play with your mind and keep you away from what is best for you. I am still living with this monster and make efforts to defeat it every day. I decide to go ask for help and the second I feel better, I change my mind and think I am fine.

Maybe that’s why this book spoke to me in many aspects and I would love to highly recommend it to all you readers out there. It’s easy to get into and I can guarantee you’ll love it. Not to mention that the author prepared a little surprise for you at the end of the book. It brought me so much closer to her work and I completely understood where it all came from.

No more spoilers. Go grab the book or order it on your Kindle and you’ll see what I am talking about.

There are no superheroes with abilities, but everyone has the ability to be the hero of their own story.

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