THE FLAT SHARE by Beth O’Leary

Bearing in mind the current situation in the world, I decided on reading more positive books instead of the gloomy, twisted thrillers I normally enjoy so much. And because London is slowly heading towards lock down, I popped in my local Waterstones and stocked up on some beautiful titles that I might or might not have judged by the cover (I tend to do that quite often).


Because my Instagram account was bombarded with pictures and reviews of THE FLAT SHARE by Beth O’Leary, I decided on giving it a go. And this book kept me busy and made me laugh out loud so many times that I lost count. It is one unusual love story if we take into consideration just how the two lovers met.

I mean, they are both in a financial impact and through adds on media they find the perfect solution: Leon occupies the one bed flat while Tiffy’s at work in the day, and she has the run of the place the rest of the time. They get to know each other via post its left around the place and develop this strong bond everyone finds absolutely insane. They find out details about each other that most have no idea about and they soon start to rely on each other although, technically they never met. The story gets more interesting when an abusive ex-boyfriend and a wrongly imprisoned brother come into the scenery.

Tiffy is a very outgoing person whereas Leon is an introvert. His brother was wrongly imprisoned and they communicate via the landline in the flat. Tiffy picks up the phone one day and she meets Richie. Her nosy self can’t help but wanting to find out what happened and she starts believing that he is innocent. She is asking for help from her lawyer friend, Gerty and hope that Richie might actually be freed, raises in Leon’s family. When something good happens, there comes the bad guy, in the person of Justin, Tiffy’s obsessive ex boyfriend who follows her around and tries to abusively convince her that she still loves him and she should get back to him.

Beth O’Leary does such a great job describing all symptoms of an abused victim and shows Tiffy’s vulnerability with an incredible detailing. She makes us understand that we cannot show a victim the reality unless she will see it for herself. We can only be there offering support and love. It is only in the victim’s power to decide the path they are taking and Tiffy goes through lots of trauma until she realizes that a restraining order and police report are best and only this way she can open up to love again and treat the wounds along her therapist.

In the middle of all this, Leon and Tiffy finally meet face to face and the attraction they feel is undeniable. They try to push away the feelings that are developing but we all know, nothing can stay in the path of love.

I am not revealing any more but I can say that this is one beautiful story that is worth reading and I am looking forward to the next Beth O’Leary book, THE SWITCH.

PS: If you are wondering about the bookmark and matching travel mug – they are from Waterstones and because I am not going out much and coffee shops are closed, I will be found in my living room – reading and having coffee from my travel mug.

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