Ok, the bookstores are opened and I couldn't help not going in.We already know how my little booknerd is obsessed with Julia Donaldson and I wanted to treat her as well, not only myself. I popped in Waterstones and found The Smeds and the Smoos. I have to say that it's been over three weeks... Continue Reading →

FIERCE, FEARLESS AND FREE – Girls in myths and legends from around the world by Lari Don

Once upon a time, there was a handsome prince who – no, that's not right! Once upon a time, there were strong, fierce women who plotted, schemed, took action, showed kindness, used magic and trickery, and made their own destiny. From the long-haired Petrosinella who escaped the tower and broke the spell that the ogress... Continue Reading →


Yes! We are living a drama here. My daughter is sad because she is (if we listen to her :)) whinging). Every bedtime story ends with: I got this! I got this one! I haven't got this one! I need this one! I haven't got this one. And we are talking books not toys. Last... Continue Reading →

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