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When I tell people I have a list of books I never got to finish they look at me a bit weirdly. Not because they never heard of such a person before but because I tend to get so excited about books and talk so much about how I love reading and how I love the feel of the pages in my hand.

But, you see, not every story is for everyone and just like you, my reader, I have books that I just couldn’t get into. Some are so much talked about and so popular that you wouldn’t believe someone didn’t enjoy and appreciate them at their value

To be honest, I think there are so many over rated books but popular due to marketing strategies and there are such incredible authors and books that are not appreciated enough. But coming back to the ones that disappointed me, here are the books I never got to finish

EAT, PRAY, LOVE by Elizabeth Gilbert

Ahhhhhh ….. who hasn’t heard of this book? Who hasn’t loved this book with all their might?

Well…. ME. I have seen the movie when it came out and fell in love with it. I mean Julia Roberts? Havier Bardem? James Franco? Richard Jenkins? Produced by Brad Pitt? OMG!!!! It was a massive success for me and I am a true believer that a book is always better than the movie. Is it a surprise I had such high expectations from this read? I guess not.

Elizabeth Gilbert, I have to say that I was bored and couldn’t get into EAT, PRAY, LOVE. I tried so hard as I love your other books but this one just didn’t touch me in any way


Another five star book that everyone told me they absolutely loved and immersed into from the beginning. It is the story of count Alexander Rostov, who is sentenced to live out the rest of his life on “house arrest” in the Metropol hotel, following his “conviction” by a Bolshevik tribunal. He was convicted of being an unrepentant aristocrat and is stripped of his wealth by the new Bolshevik regime.

No matter how much I tried to finish this book, it just didn’t happen. There were few parts that made me think I might just enjoy this novel but unfortunately nothing spectacular happened to keep me entertained and determine me to get to the end

A GAME OF THRONES by George R R Martin

I was proper hooked by Game of Thrones series and although the ending was something I cursed and still do, I would gladly re watch every episode (OK, maybe not the last one) and still get excited.

When the show got so big and the books had nothing to do with it anymore, I desperately wanted to start reading and discover the original Game of Thrones, the gem of George R. R. Martin.

I started with volume one like a normal person and never got over the first fifty pages. I couldn’t picture the characters or places described and I couldn’t feel the chill of the wars going on or the suspense of betrayals and killings.


I have started reading Pride and Prejudice about three times and somehow I always manage to stop around the same chapter. Weirdly enough, I get into it and am so sure that this time around I will reach the finish line, something stops me. No clue what this is all about and I never watched the movie either.

I do want to read it and am planning on starting again soon. Hopefully something will click I’ll pass chapter seven, specially as I actually chose this book as a buddy read on Instagram with one of my amazing Instafriends (@dvnssb) and we are very determined on accomplishing our mission this year.

2020 – make me happy and allow me to finish Pride and Prejudice.


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  1. Yes! We should finish pride and prejudice this year and it’s our resolution 💪😅
    PS: Guys Alina is a very good person. Whoever talks to her can feel a cozy and warm feeling 🤗. Follow her on Instagram to feel her soothing words ❤️

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