The raven cawed at him, craning its neck unnaturally. As it dug its hooked beak into the mess of dried grass and twigs that made up its nest, a shiny glimmer reflected off a low-hanging bulb. Kjeld edged closer to get a better look. It was a human tooth. With a silver filling.

Detective Kjeld Nygaard wants nothing more than to forget his family and Varsund, the small mining town he once called home, even exist. But while on suspension after his last case went disastrously wrong, his estranged father Stenar leaves a message on Kjeld’s phone claiming he’s seen a murder.

But with no evidence and Stenar suffering from Alzheimer’s, the local police think he must have imagined it. Kjeld can’t stop himself from investigating what actually happened, and soon discovers a body. But when the police start to suspect Stenar, it’s a race against time to discover the truth before it’s lost forever.

This book was free to read for the first one hundred people on NetGalley and just judging by the cover, I was sure I would like it. As soon as I started I had a Jo Nesbo feeling and was hooked. This gripping crime debut was absolutely perfect for me as I needed a story to get me back into reading after all Christmassy romance.

I will not be surprised if Karin Nordin will make this book into a series, following detective Kjeld Nygaard twisted life and uncovering more dark secrets.

The detailed descriptions of atmosphere and surroundings are what make this novel brilliant. Characters are all flawed and each fight their own battles, turning them into potential murderers. I have suspected all and none and I have to say that it only took me two days to finish it because I couldn’t put it down. It is the pure dark noir Scandinavian captivating story that will stay with me for a long time.

Incorporating family drama and the life in a small town where people know each other and generations grew up following their parents footsteps without ambitions of their own, detective Nygaard feels like he doesn’t belong. He always wanted to get out, become a police officer and leave as far as possible from his father and the ravens. He wanted that life to be put behind him and forget all that happened. But the past has a way of drawing you back and reveal its implications when least expected.

Highly recommend it to all crime fans

The book is set to come out mid February and it can be pre ordered on Amazon

Thank you to NetGalley and HQ publishing for offering me a copy of this book in exchange for an honest opinion

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